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A Little About Barteli

What We're All About

At Barteli, we’re in the business of hosting stunning and special events. Since our opening in May 2016, we’ve given our clients the power to customize every aspect of their event and being a one stop shop for everything, we believe that your event should be as stress-free as possible, we work with our clients to make sure we have a game plan ahead of time to make sure everything runs smoothly. Being a family owned business, we are able to achieve a closer friendship with our clients that we believe is very important. Want to save money and decorate yourself? We got you! Want to go all out and not lift a finger? We got you as well. We’ll make sure the special day you’ve envisioned becomes a reality.

Meet The Family Behind Barteli


Elisa, the proud owner of Barteli.
Born and raised in South America, Chile. Elisa has always had a love for decorating and creating outstanding things, starting with making and decorating cakes and now venturing into the venue space, she has done outstanding work and coming from two hard working parents, she has dedicated the name Barteli to her parents, Bart being from her father, Bartolome and Eli being from her mother Eliana. Being a hard working and loving Mother, Daughter, Sister and Wife along with having a stern but golden heart, Elisa has always gone above and beyond for her clients, family and friends.

Danny, Luis and Elisa's youngest son

Raised in Utah since 2000, Danny takes care of all of the back end stuff like the website, ads, pictures and videos and handles the English side of things like clients via email or phone calls. He sometimes is running around when clients need a busser or is helping Elisa on a event or project. 


Luis, the husband of Elisa and Father of Danny and Kenny

Born and raised in South America, Chile just like Elisa. Luis and Elisa have been together since 1981 and married since 1986, Luis is our own personal mechanic and handy man of Barteli. When something needs building or fixing, Luis is on the job. Taking an interest in cars at the age of 16 and continuing to become a professional mechanic, he loves working with his hands and his skill set ranges from mechanic work to electrical work to building stuff, there is nothing Luis can't do.

Kenny, Luis and Elisa's oldest son

Raised in Utah since 2000, Kenny is our special child, whenever you see Kenny he's a bundle of joy, always ready to talk about movies or his love for music. He loves to dance and sings to his heart content whenever he can, he loves to be around people and loves to laugh or fool around to make people smile.

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